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The Non-Gym VS. The Home Gym

WHICH DO YOU CHOOSE? By now, you’re hopefully starting to see the need for a “exercise insurance policy” (aka purchasing your own equipment). Like most people, however, you are wary about taking the first steps: “Will it cost craploads of money?” “Will it take up tons of space?” “Will I even know how to use […]


The Fitness Equipment Everyone Should Own (Cheap Edition)

“How can I exercise at home without any equipment?” My first question is why would you want to? I can understand why one would want to learn body weight workouts for when they’re away for vacation or at the office but if we are doing the majority of our workouts at home (aka our “Non-Gym”), […]

the best cardio is not running, it's coredio

What is the Best Type of Cardio?

[NOT WHAT YOU’RE DOING] Before we dive in, let’s clear up one misconception: one does not need to run to work on their cardio, they simply just need to elevate their heart rate. Doing that will lead to more difficult breathing (which is a good sign that you are training your cardiovascular system). So with […]