Control. Freedom. Independence.

In short, WAG is about all of these.

We’re not anti-gym, but anti-gym reliance.

We’re about learning how to exercise anywhere, anytime, during any circumstance.

The reality is that life is unpredictable. With so many variables, if we want to make sure we achieve our goals, we cannot depend on the gym. We have to learn how to bypass such obstacles such as being broke, being tired, and being short on time.

We have to take back the control.

I grew up in a small town that didn’t have a gym. Then, after college, I moved to a town that did but I didn’t have the money to buy a membership. Then I got a high-paying job that allowed me to, but the job required me to work 16 hour days so then I didn’t have the time.

Luckily, I grew up as an experimental athlete so I have been tampering with “anywhere, anytime” type exercise for a while.

But what about everyone else? Not everyone is so lucky.

We have been advertised to by the media, health authorities, and even friends and family that if we want to “lose weight and get in shape“, we have to join a gym. And if we don’t, our results are doomed.

On top of the fact that this is utter bogus,  many of us can’t join quality gyms even if we wanted to.

This website exists as the metaphorical red pill – showing you that there is another way.

Here are the 2 tenets that comprise our “way”:


It used to be optimal. Exercise used to be something we did naturally (all the time) and without pain.  Now for most of us, it has become a struggle. Our aim at WAG is to reverse that by showing you how to move well again. No gym or fancy equipment needed. We want to show you how to become able to drop down into a full squat or a pushup and complete a quick workout when the clock is ticking. At work, at the office, while you are watching your kid — any place can become your “gym”.


The fact is, gyms come and gyms go. Add in the reality of kids, bills, and a never ending to-do list, and the Gym becomes more and more less feasible.  Don’t let this phase you. We want to help you cultivate a minimalistic mindset: “Okay, I don’t have this. How can I still do it?” Without A Nutritionist? Without A Doctor? Without Time? Money? Energy? Education? How do we make due with what we do have? How can we turn the sup-optimal into the optimal? One thing we have to realize is that we are never going to feel ready or that we have enough. Exercising (and other fears) are always going to be pushed to the future. By facing our fears and providing simple instruction for you to face yours, we hope we can help you start your own journey.