Fitness trackers are finally here and by the looks of it, are here to stay. Gone is the era of noting down track scores and achievements on paper. Now in real time and as you exercise, you can have your data recorded and compared against with the help of a small device known as a fitness tracker. In this article I am going to compare two fitness trackers that are equipped with an array of features with which one can record and save his or her track achievements for later comparison or reference.


At a glance

The Fitbit Surge is a fitness tracker super watch designed and developed by the fitbit company. It is priced at $199.95 from the company website and has a one year limited guarantee from the company.

The Samsung Gear S2 watch is a fitness tracker watch designed and developed by technology giants Samsung. It is priced at $192 on the Amazon shopping site with free shipping.


Both trackers come in a beautiful make of black and white for the Samsung gear S2 whereas the fitbit surge comes in black, red and blue colors. The Samsung gear S2 comes in a round shape that is common of normal ordinary watched whereas the fitbit surge comes in a rectangular shape proportional to the straps holding it in place. The fitbit surge comes in various wrist sizes and has a guide available on the fitbit site for download from which one can determine the size of the watch they want based on their wrist.



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Both trackers are equipped with standard features that make their work quite light and easy to work with. The fitbit surge for example comes with a wide array of features which include;

  • Water resistance that is to say it is splash, sweat and rain proof
  • Syncing with connected computers if it is in range
  • Compatible with both apple and android devices
  • Heart rate monitor

These and many more are some of the features that one has at their disposal when they purchase and use the fitbit surge tracker watch

The Samsung gear S2 watch on the other hand is also equipped with features some of which are included below;

  • Has a compass
  • Connect to wifi
  • Has voice commands
  • Has call control

The above and a few other features describe the Samsung gear S2 watch and denote its functions to the user so as to properly harness its capabilities.

The difference

Both trackers are good and perform their function fully to the expectations of the user. However like in any other comparison there has to be a better watch as stalemates are never conclusions for comparisons. So without bias or favor I will briefly highlight the small differences that set these two fitness trackers apart.

The fitbit surge tracker and the Samsung gear S2 watch both have heart beat monitors, both are dustproof and water resistant, both have a led display and notify the user of incoming notifications. They have a number of features in common that are pretty impressive. But what sets them apart? Besides the price attached to the trackers, they have small features that they do not share that sets the difference between them, features that most athletes, body size and health enthusiasts are keen on knowing before they purchase the devices. For example the fitbit surge is not only compatible to android devices but to apple devices as well something that is not true of the Samsung gear S2 watch. Furthermore the fitbit surge has the following features that are not at all included in the Samsung gear S2 watch;

  • Exercise diary to keep track of previous work outs
  • Tracks water intake, weight and sleep
  • Has exercise tagging for more accurate information on calories burnt
  • Tracks calorie intake
  • Has achievements that encourage and motivate the user
  • Has goal setting that enables you to set a target to achieve in a day or week or given period


There is a popular statement used that goes, “it’s the little things that make a difference in something”. Both trackers may have the basic features required to function as a fitness tracker but one stands out because of the small added features that make a difference and of course determine its price.