A Beginner’s Guide to CrossFit

Cross fit is a term used to describe a fitness routine that was developed by Greg Glassman. This is basically a workout routine that involves movements that require high intensity. They include various motions in different fields such as weightlifting, running, gymnastics and much more. It uses your bodyweight as a resistance mode in order to enhance proper build up in your whole body.

It can be done without any equipments thus a routine you can try at you backyard or in your house. Working out is more enjoyable when you do it as a group or with a friend. This helps in giving you more fuel to continue. In order for cross fit workouts to be effective, you will need discipline and consistency. Great results don’t come easy. You have to work hard in order to achieve what you desire.

Let me take you through all about it from how it’s done to its benefits.

Cross Fit classes

It combines weight lifting exercise, cardio and aerobic sessions. This workout helps you in developing physical strength, which puts you at an advantage in times of crises. You exercise different parts of your body such as stamina and flexibility, strength and speed, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. They are normally done with workouts of the day WOD routine.

Firstly, it involves carrying out different workouts in sets. The set mainly consists of 10 reps. Reps is the acronym of repetition set is set, rest, you repeat, rest and repeat again. Your resting time will depend on your recovery strength or your intended results.

Principles of cross fit workouts

§ Heavy weight lifters and body builders are able to incorporate more power than an athlete who just uses the basic training

§ Its outcome proofs entail rapid weight loss and muscle build up

§ It is advantageous since you won’t spend much time at your gym or workout area.

§ Its exercise involves whole body

Choosing the right workout shoe

Workouts are different. The shoe that you choose is very critical. Do not just buy any sports shoes that you see in the store shelf. Choose the specific one for cross fit workouts that will help you perform at your best – https://spryshoes.com/best-crossfit-shoes/, minimize injuries and will give you service. There are factors to consider.

§ What cross fit workout do you intend to undertake?

§ Do you want to use these workouts just for fitness or for a sport competition?

§ Is this the only pair of shoe you intending to buy or you will have a collection?

Once you ask yourself these questions, you will be in a position to know which specific shoe brand fits your need.

Benefits of cross fit workouts

The workouts enable you to use less time to burn more calories since it involves use of high power and intensity.

§ It prepares you for anything that requires physical strength. It may be swimming, running or even gymnastics

§ Cross fits workouts bring so many people together thus creating a community. The community is a great support system and motivates you in your fitness journey.

§ These workouts help you live like an athlete. People who use this workouts are advised to eat certain food that will complement them for better results; they include: proteins and lean meats ,vegetables ,fruits but in small quantities ,and healthy fats like coconut fat, avocado or even extra virgin olive oil.

As a beginner I hope this article will help you in making a decision concerning Cross fit workouts.