We go broke. We get sick. We get hurt. We move. We get depressed. We go on vacation. We have kids. We get sick again. We move again (this time to a town that doesn’t have a gym). We lose the motivation (for the hundredth time)….

In short, life throws some wicked curveballs.

If you’ve never been taught how to hit these, relying on gyms to reach your goals and stay in shape will be futile (remember: shit happens). Along the same token, the same will be true of depending on doctors, physios, nutritionists, and a host of other wellness professionals to ensure we are healthy.

With this blog, we are going to show you how to take the power back.

Your brain, your body, your responsibility – let’s do this.




Hey, what’s up? I’m Levi Clampitt, the founder of Without A Gym, and if you ever asked yourself:

  • “How can I motivate myself to workout?”
  • “How can I lose fat, build muscle, and get stronger without a gym?”
  • “How can I easily set up my own diet that I can follow pretty much forever?”
  • “How can I create the habit, get it to stick, and actually like exercising (or any other activity)?”
  • “How can I learn how to fix my own pain and injuries (without spending a fortune)?”
  • “How can I build my own home gym without it taking up a ton of space?”

…then you’re in the RIGHT place!



(When Others Can’t)

Let’s be honest.

Many of our problems we face today are not real. Lack of money, time, energy, knowledge — it’s all in our heads. In fact, the only real problem we may have is of lack of belief.

We believe less in our own strength and creativeness yet more into the ideas that we need certain things to be successful. No where is this truer than with exercise and fitness. Because of assumptions like “I must workout 5 hours a week” or “I need a gym to be in shape”,  many of us never get started in the first place.

It doesn’t matter if these are factually right or wrong statements, what matters is what we believe.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.”- Henry Ford

WAG is not here not to add to the confusion, but to get you to challenge your current beliefs.

Our posts are short for a reason: To fuel your action.

What we need is not more mind, but less.

It’s time we thought with our body.



Without A Gym was founded by Levi Clampitt while working nearly endless days and hours in the Bakkan oil field.

After many years of personal training, he finally had a dose of what his client’s go through ( lack of time, energy, gym, etc.). With this new insight, he is now able to deliver practical advice and some key psychological techniques on how to overcome these obstacles.

You’ll find that his approach to fitness is effective. Having developed it over the past decade, it has helped him build a few wildly popular communities (including The Funk and WAG Nation).

More specifically, he believes in hacking our own innate desires and surrounding environment so that we are able to do the things we must (like exercise).

If you want to learn some of the tactics he uses, all you have to do is enter your email below and click “subscribe!”


[ CLASS OF 2014 ]

WAG. U  is now in session.

We are currently accepting applicants (teams of 3 people or more) to join the WAG roster and add to our diversity.

More specifically:

  • One group of intermediate to advanced guys
  • One group of ladies in the 20 – 30 (ish) age range
  • One group of ladies in the 40 – 60 age range
  • And one co-ed group such as a husband and wife team

Course length

12 weeks



Our objective

Simply, we want to teach you how to dominate your fitness goals without a gym (and without many other conventional things we’ve been taught we need).

Course outline

You will learn how to:

  1. Nail any habit (including exercise and healthy eating).
  2. Find which exercises and foods are best for YOU (and which ones aren’t).
  3. Set up a sustainable program for your goal.
  4. Hack your environment so that you are able to do the things you must (even when you don’t want to).
  5. Get the most bang for your buck (i.e. high results, low investment) and learn what you should invest in when that time comes.
  6. Troubleshoot injuries and pain (without a doctor) and how to work through them if you must.
  7. And much more…