Training ourselves can be a confusing crest Fitness Mastery Through Coaching

  • Is my back supposed to hurt like this?”
  • Is my squat supposed to look like that?”
  • How much do I do, how often do I do it, and when can I stop?”

Tack on the many hours needed researching all this and the cold hard fact that there is often no one to hold us accountable and motivate us, it then becomes less surprising that we fail to reach our fitness goals.

Truth is, it’s a lot of work to set this all up correctly. Thankfully, however, there exists a magical universal law:

The smarter our work is, the easier it becomes.

This is where coaching comes in: I research –> You get a smart plan –> You do less but achieve more

Take a gander.


I am Levi Clampitt, a 27 year old personal trainer.

levi clampitt Fitness Mastery Through Coaching

Half monk / Half drill instructor

I created this website so that I could connect and help those who wish to dominate their fitness goals without having to rely on a commercial gym.


  1. I have an athletic background (college football).
  2. I also run Canada’s most audacious fitness community.
  3. I hold a Bachelors in Exercise Science.
  4. 95% of my training experience (others) has came without a gym.
  5. The idea of WAG came to me while working 16 hour shifts in the oil field.
  6. Here’s a book I wrote about the importance of a community and creativity  within fitness.
  7. I am not religious but if I was, I’d be Buddhist (pretty chill).
  8. I got kicked out of Marine Bootcamp (perhaps too chill).
  9. Running obstacle courses and strongman are my favorite sports.
  10. Favorite book: Awareness by Anthony De Mello (Fight Club is 2nd).


Dear Prospective Clients:

Here are some things you should know.


STRONGMAN Fitness Mastery Through Coaching

My program: Strength meets holistic health

  1. I will accept those that want to train at a gym, however, priority will go to those looking to achieve awesome fitness without a gym.
  2. This is a performance program. It will make you stronger, help you move, feel, and think better, clear up pain and injuries, and a host of other things. It will most likely improve your physique as well, but this is not the focus (find out why here).
  3. I am giving you the smart work but I cannot do the hard work (that’s on you).  I am your accountability to increase those odds.
  4. I am not a “get quick fit” type of guy. 10+ years in this industry has taught me that the quicker the results come, the quicker they also go. I want to help you keep these results so prepare for a commitment.
  5. I am from the real world. I realize that shit happens, circumstances change, and that people change their minds. It is because of this that I offer a refund if you are ever dissatisfied with my service. Since this is about quality (and I hold myself high), I don’t foresee that happening.




Program Critique

Stalled and need a little boost? This might be for you. With this,  I analyze your current exercise routine, videos of your lifts, recovery aspects (like sleep and nutrition), and then show you how you can tweak them to meet your goals. We do this via a 60 minute skype call. As a bonus, the 5 books of the Non-Gym System are also included (a million dollar value). If you ever been hurt or stuck in a pond called plateau,  then you know how crucial an outside voice is in getting you out of it.

Cost: $45/one time

1-on-1 Coaching

youtube Fitness Mastery Through Coaching

Learn through videos like these

Need a bit more push and accountability? This could be more up your alley. With this, I design a customized program suited to your needs, wants, and equipment access. If you have a specific issue (like nagging knee pain) or goal (becoming a freak kickboxer), this will be for you. 3-5 sessions are posted a week via our private facebook group.

Cost: $49.99/week $39.99/week

Group Coaching

Need A LOT more push? For those that need more inspiration (or just like the group atmosphere), this will be their best option. With this, you and a group of people of your choosing do the  same program together. Workouts are posted 3 times a week via our private Facebook group and progress reports through group Skype calls.  This works best for those people who are similar in goals and ability. You can read a bit more about this here.

Cost: $24.99/week