young slim girl drinking green coffee

It goes without saying, how we start our day sets us up for the rest of it. A good morning leads to a good evening, but a bad morning… well, look out!

So what entails a good morning?

  1. A full night of sleep
  2. Great nutrition
  3. Love, positivity, laughter, and sunshine

Let’s focus on #2.

What we eat (or don’t eat) in the morning is crucial. Failure to eat the right energy-sustaining foods in the morning could cause us to eat rather draining foods later on (chinese food for lunch? otay). On the same token, having a big meal in the morning can weigh us down (literally).

So it is my belief (and this jives with the evolutionary perspective) that we were meant to go light or fast in the morning.

Before I get the “I must have my  8 eggs and 2 slices of toast to start my day” rant, let me state this:


So the more we eat in the morning, the more we build the habit and the cravings. It doesn’t mean this is the best way to eat or how we should eat, it just means this is how we programmed ourself to eat. To know if this is the best way, we must experiment with other techniques.

Note: Building a new eating habit takes work but it’s the only way to know, really, how great your diet is.



So the first thing we should do after we wake up (and go to the bathroom), is drink a lot of water. We just went 8 hrs without liquids and we are more than dehydrated.

Next, start making your “breakfast”.

This consists of 2 parts.

Part 1: If you plan on exercising or have a manual labor job, I recommend coffee. If you are more sedentary, I advise weaker coffee or going the hot coco route. Personally, I tend to make a hot little mixture over the stove of some coffee, some baking coco, stevia for sweetener , and half and half for flavor.

Why caffeine?

Because it gets us going! Caffeine is meant for movement – both for legs and for our bowels. It also breaks down our body fat so we can use it for fuel. On top of that, it can be great for focus and helping us face the to-do list.

Part 2: To your beverage, add 30 grams of the following: Coconut oil and/or pure MCT oil. I buy my coconut oil from Vitacost and the MCTS from Swanson Vitamins.

Why coconut oil?

Not only is this probably the safest/healthiest oil,  but it is also over half MCTS. These MCTS (or medium chained triglycerides) are special in the fact that they do not need enzymes or bile to digest. They can be used for energy almost right away and unlike carbohydrates (which can get stored as fat if we don’t use them), MCTS are almost impossible to store.

So with part 1, we provide a source of energy by unlocking our own fat to use as fuel. But because we can go through this rather quickly, we add in another healthy fat source to keep us energized longer.

It’s light, we don’t have to cook, and because MCTS are so nice to our body, it’s pretty much a liquid fast.

I first learned of this coffee + coconut oil trick from Dave Asprey of Bullet Proof Exec (dot com).  I usually drink 2-3 cups of this mixture in the morning and stop around noon. He suggests making 2 pm your cut off point.

In taste and in energy, coconut oil will only add to your coffee (or coco) experience.

Have a great morning.