Could you poop in that toilet?

If you are like most North Americans, probably not. To be able to would require us to squat.

But you we can’t squat. Unlike the Chinese, we don’t do it anymore. We have lost contact with “all things squatting“. And because of this, we are getting terribly immobile (which makes getting fat really easy).

Thankfully, we can (re)learn…


Squatting, essentially, is what happens between our legs.

So how to do it?

  1. Take a comfortable stance (for most, this means shoulder-width apart).
  2. Keep feet forward (or slightly outwards depending on how wide you go) and pressure on the outside of the foot.
  3. While lowering down, show your crouch (use your elbows to push knees out if you need to).
  4. Keep chest up and be proud.
  5. While coming up, squeeze your butt. HARD.

That’s it. Here is a video to show what it looks like as well.

If you are like most people, however,  you were all sorts of funked up.  That is, you probably couldn’t sit back on your heals, your feet were turn way outward, and your upper body was horribly rounded.


1) You are too tight

Most people squat as if they are wearing snow boots (the “boots” are their stiff and inflexible ankles). These people simply don’t have the flexibility to get low on their heals so if they do manage a squat, they end up on their toes and with their feet turned way out. The solution is here is simply more ankle mobility exercises like these HERE.

If your ankles are not tight and you still cannot squat, it is probably a problem with your hips.

Let’s face it, we sit a lot. That is, we spend a lot of time in hip flexion. Now if we don’t balance out this hip flexion with hip extension (standing and walking), they become tight and our hip extensors (like our butt) fall asleep. The solution here is to stretch our hip flexors (video) and start activating/waking up our booty (video) .

If you still do not know what is your limiting factor, this may help:

2) You are too tall

First off, many tall people have seriously tight ankles/calves so this right here is a big limiting factor.

To add insult to injury, tall people have much longer levers than short folk so this means they have to go a further distance to achieve the same end goal (which is popping a poop squat).

For tall people and those with disproportionate long legs, they will need not only need to do more mobility, but find ways to shorten their levers as well. This generally means widening the base of their squat and in some cases, using box squats or placing their heals on weights or boards until they reach enough mobility to do it without.


Let’s make this simple:

  1. For mobility, put your ankle and hips into positions every day that they are not used to. Use the sources in this post as a solid place to start.
  2. Implements tools (boxes, chairs, heal board, and other stuff for assistance) to help you squat with good form in the meantime.

You may not be able to poop in China right now, but you’ll be well on your way if you follow these 2 pieces of advice.