“I cannot do this without a gym.”

Hate to say it, but you’re right.

Our biggest obstacles are not real in the material sense, but are actually beliefs like these.

If we want to become the person we know we can be, we will have to battle all the limiting ideas that tell that us first why we CANNOT do it.  Here — without a gym and in charge of our own destiny — this is where we will take our stand.

To help you with this, we are giving you our actionable 3 step process that has helped transform the minds of countless others:

  1. Change Your Words
  2. Challenge Your Assumptions
  3. Create Your Environment

You will not get to where you want to go without belief. Let this book be your travel guide.



“I don’t have time to research all this.”

It can be difficult crossing over from a gym to a non-gym.

It can be even harder transitioning from getting trained to actually becoming your own trainer.

Luckily, for both, we can take “shortcuts” to circumvent many of the unnecessary struggles. This book is one of those shortcuts.

In it, we save you time and energy by telling you:

  • What equipment you should buy (and where you can get it for cheap)
  • How you should eat (aka what trainers and nutritionists are afraid to tell you)
  • The 5 most beneficial supplements that you [probably] aren’t taking
  • And the books we read (and you should too) to “get motivated”

Best zero dollars you’ll never spend…



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