There is already enough noise, confusion, and distraction in this complex world, and I certainly do not want to add to it.

Instead, I want to help you minimize it.

When it comes to health and fitness, here are the resources that did it for me.

Maybe they can do it for you as well.


Training / Exercise / Psychology: Elliott Hulse Strength

Elliott is a holistic strongman (nuff said, right?). He believes in becoming stronger in all areas that encompass the body and mind. If you are a beginner, you will need this duality approach to avoid many dangerous paths and methods. If you are more advanced, this will be your wake up call.

  • Personal youtube channel: HERE
  • Training youtube channel: HERE


Nutrition / Food: 180 Degree Health

We know diets suck and we know that “gurus” are full of it, but is there any other alternative? Can we really learn how to tune into our body and trust ourselves with our own food decisions?

Yes; Matt Stone teaches us how.

Positivity / Happiness: Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

I listen to this around 2 – 3 times a week. Most often, it is when I am walking to the library or when I am doing chores. Why this podcast is amazing has less to do about what you will actually learn on it (after a while it’s just the same old topics rehashing themselves), but more about how they talk about them.

They talk with inspiration and hope and excitement. They are positive people, and with this, you cannot help but become more positive yourself. It’s infectious.


Taking Action: “War of Art” and “Turning Pro

These 2 books by Stephen Pressfield are not only the shortest books I ever read, but the most powerful. Some chapters are only 3-4 sentences long but boy do they get the people going!

This brevity is exactly what we need. We don’t need more words or videos or fluff – we need something that we can easily consume that will spur us into action. These books are our energy bars.