best supplement for athletes zma

Athletes play hard and if they are smart, they rest hard as well.

It is during this rest (this sleep), that hormones are released to help athletes adapt to the stressors that they faced during the day (like weight training).

The main hormone that helps with this adaption is called Testosterone.

This is the hormone largely accountable for muscle growth, freaky athletes, and home runs. And while women only have 1/10 the amount that males do, they still depend on it for a lean, tone figure.

It makes sense then that not only do we want to sleep well to facilitate the creation of this hormone, but we want to release more of it when we do.


Enter ZMA

ZMA is conglomerate of the most bioavailable forms of zinc, magnesium, and vitamin b6.

Zinc is the most anabolic of all minerals while magnesium is the chief mineral that allows us to handle stress and be able to relax. B6 is added to promote the efficient absorption of the two.


  • The problem is over 90% + of the population is deficient in these first 2 minerals. The percentage grows even higher if you are athlete.


  • Because we are more than likely deficient in these minerals, when we supplement, we see measurable benefits such as: Better sleep. Quicker recovery from exercise. Improved Immune and Cardiovascular function ( ie you have more wind). And a host of benefits that come with having more T (like boners and muscles).


  • While you can buy all the ingredients separately, you still have to be wary of which forms of the mineral you buy. Because of this, it can be a hassle getting the formula down. An easy way is just to buy ZMA (like right here).


  • Before bed.

ZMA fills a hole that today’s food supply cannot do. Because of this, it reigns supreme over all other supplements. Move over protein shakes and fish oil softgels, we have a new king in town.