Here at WAG, our goal is Making Exercise Optimal again.

Due to fears, misconceptions, and excuses we keep passing around – exercise has become anything but. Instead, exercise has became associated with what one does when they have Time, Money, Energy, and are already Healthy.

With all these things we need to “be ready“, exercise is infinitely being pushed to the future.

No longer.

Luckily we can retrain ourselves (both in body and belief) to be able to bypass these hurdles.

For this, we look towards education. Below is the curriculum for the “Better You” course.

Just like anything, we are all at different levels.

Find yours. See what you need. And this is key: do it.

How to become motivated, overcome personal obstacles, and learn how to make things fun

How to move pain-free, treat sickness and unhealth, and maintain or improve functionality

How to make moving more efficient by adding strength, speed, conditioning, and coordination

How sleep, nutrition, and supplements can help us move (and live) to our fullest