I like to keep things fun. When things are fun, they are also sustainable.

This means when I want to maintain (or lose more fat), I don’t do it by cutting calories or doing more exercise sessions ( I already like the way I eat and train).

Instead, I walk.

3 – 5  times a week for an hour or longer.


Unlike running, walking is so low intensity that we are primarily burning fat for fuel. And because of this, we do not feel the need (the hunger) to replace the fuel we burned (ie carbs).

I can burn a total of 1000 calories in a 2 hour walk and not be ravenous afterwards.  Try doing that with long-distance running.

So walking, as we can see, is an optimal choice for exercise. Not many of us do it, however, because it can become boring.

So how do we make it more fun?

Walk with others, in lovely areas, or listen to podcasts/ books on tape (these all keep the mind engaged). Here are two of my favorite podcasts: Joe Rogan Experience  and I Love Marketing.

And  more challenging?

Wear a weighted vest (#20 and #40 lbers are great for this), speed walk, or do hiking.

In the end, walking is dummy proof. This is why I like it the most. You can overdiet and overtrain, but you can’t really overwalk.

To want to walk the fat away, however,  you will probably have to  find a way to make it fun.

Podcasts work for me. What works for you?