Erase the phrase “You are what you eat” from your brain.

It’s no longer valid (and it’s really stupid).

Pretty much everyone in the health and fitness industry regurgitates this line and tells us that if we just eat “clean, healthy” food, than that’s what we’ll be: Clean (disease-free) and Healthy.


  • What if we are not properly digesting what we eat?
  • What if we are allergic to “clean, healthy foods”?
  • What if we have holes in our gut that don’t allow you to properly absorb the nutrients from this clean food?

Then that advice won’t mean crap.

And if we continue to eat the way authorities tell us too (with set foods and diets) without question, it may just take us further away from health.


Our health is in our poop, not in our food.

More specifically, it’s in our gut (and it’s our butt that shows us what our gut looks like.)

If we can learn what good poop looks like and how to get it, than we can know if our diet really is healthy (and for us) and/or if we need to improve other factors in our life (such as more sleep).

Our butt doesn’t lie.

First up on this truth quest is to good a good idea of what it is trying to tell us.

For this, we turn to Paul Chek’s Poopie Line-Up (from right to left)

  • The Policeman – The ideal in poops. It’s well shaped, easy to pass, light brown in color, smells earthy, and about 12” in length (per day)
  • The Flasher – You’re seeing bits of breakfast, lunch or dinner. Means that food isn’t being digested for some reason – not good. Could be a sign of food intolerance, an inflammatory disorder of the gut, low stomach acid, or that you’re not chewing enough.
  • Diarrhella – You’re body is trying to rid itself of something toxic. Not only bad because you have something bad inside of you, but it also leads to dehydration since your body will find water from wherever it needs to in order to facilitate Diarrhella’s exit.
  • Pellet Man – Rabbit turds are for rabbits. If you’re pooping pebbles, it could be that you’re dehydrated, or that your gut flora or bacteria may be out of balance.
  • The Bodybuilder – Like a condensed pellet man, meaning that it’s probably sitting in your colon for a longer period of time . . . not good. Poop shouldn’t hang out in the body for more than 72 hours. Build-up like this can start pushing up against other things and cause discomfort and impede other body functions. The diameter of the poop also won’t feel good coming out.
  • The Olympic Swimmer – Lighter in color than the Policeman, indicating a higher fat content. The undigested fats could be a sign that stools are passing too quickly, or that your bile salts aren’t breaking down the fats.
  • Mr. Sinker ‘n’ Stinker – Paul considers this persistent little guy one of the worst offenders and attributes his presence to too much processed foods, toxic environment, or medical drugs (think anesthesia).

To summarize, healthy poop should be-

+ Light brown color – not too dark, not too light.
+ Smells like poo, but not like death and poo.
+ Soft, well formed, and consistent in shape and color.
+ Easy and satisfying to pass.
+ 12 inches a day.
+ Transit time (mouth to out) should be between 12-18 hours.

If it’s not, something is off.

It could be that you’re emotionally stressed, lacking proper sleep, been eating some real cruddy food, allergic to something in your environment, or something else that is pissing off your gut.

In the following posts, I will lay out some reasons for why the poop may have gone bad, as well as the ways to make it better again.

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