you are what you poop

Good pooping is a ride.

It’s quick and effortless with no pushing or straining necessary.

If we, however, have the time to read a magazine or even do the whole “clenched hand thing”,  than you can bet your butt there is more than going on besides an extended bathroom trip.

Confused as to why this matters? Read part 1.

You’re not? Let’s dive in.


The same concept that is behind virtually every cancer and disease is also behind why the Good Poops Life keeps avoiding many.

The concept is that of [chronic] stress.

Here’s how it looks:

  1. When we get stressed (it doesn’t matter what from), our age-old “fight or flight” mode is activated.
  2. With this, more blood is shuttled to the skin and the muscles so that we can get away quick or stab a pirate if we need to.
  3. This also means less blood to our digestive organs.
  4. Less digestion, more-or-less, equates to 1)  more time the trash sits in the dump and 2) not breaking down food as well.
  5. When our stressors never go away, neither does this poor digestion.


Here are some examples of what this could produce:

Auto-Intoxication – This is defined as a “disease caused by the accrual of contaminants produced inside the living organism”. This basically means less poo is coming out relative to food intake (and that feces that is left behind is actually collecting in our colon). As you can imagine, this is not good news.

Healthy Unhealthy Colon

Parasites –  It’s really easy for these little guys to find a home in our intestines when things are not broken down (ie destroyed) in the stomach as they should.

worm infestation

Bacterial Overgrowth – When the bad bugs outnumber the digestive-friendly good ones, bad poops happen. Not only that, but so does bad skin, bad tongues (take a look below), and an immune system that is not able to defend itself.

Luckily overgrowths will show themselves on your skin and in your mouth. (Or maybe that is not so lucky?)

Candida welcomes you to the White Furry Tongue.


Now let me be clear: The problems associated with a dysfunctional butt and gut don’t end here with these 3 examples. Because our immune system is just a bunch of bugs in our gut,  every ailment – both in mind and body – is rooted here (by some degree).

So whats the one overarching piece of advice I can give you ? Stress Less.

We get into the Bad Poops predicament because our system has become overwhelmed and cannot adapt to the stressors that is coming at it. The key, then, is too back off.

To do this, we’ll want more-

+ Sleep
+ Fun, humerus activities
+ Positive people and environments
+ Light activity such as walking and yoga

And less-

– Drugs
– Tense work
– Processed foods and toxins
– Things that you are allergic to
– Frequent, never-ending workout sessions

The biggest thing we will want to improve will be our sleep (as running on fumes is the most stressful thing we can do). I’ve wrote about how to get more sleep before. Note: Personally, when I am getting 8 -10 hrs a night, it doesnt matter what I eat, it all comes out good on the back-end.

Next to that, when and how much we eat will make the greatest difference. My advice is to save the times for when we are stressed and/or active for liquid fasting (such as this concoction), and the times for when we are relaxed and chill for eating (afternoon – bedtime).

Lastly, let’s not forget percieved stress. If you are constantly beating yourself up about shoulda-coulda-wouldas, then you could be nuclear bombing your gut.

Relax and be at peace with yourself.

The Good Poops will come…